The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer has been, along with the Holy Bible, one of the central features of Anglican spirituality for centuries. While it has been revised and updated numerous times, it has always provided a structured regimen of common prayer that has held Anglicans together in our corporate life in Christ. Through the collects, litanies, calendar, and devotions found in the Prayer Book, we join our hearts with the Church Universal in praising the Holy Trinity and beseeching God’s presence in our lives. You may find the BCP online, here.

The Daily Office

Pray the Daily Office Here

Before the Daily Office

+Open my lips, O Lord, that I may praise Your Name. Enlighten my understanding and kindle my affections, that I may recite this office with attention and devotion and so may be worthy to be heard before Your Divine Majesty. In union with Our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Risen Lamb who stands suppliant before the throne of God, I recite this office as an intercession for _____________. Amen.

After the Daily Office

To the Holy and Undivided Trinity, to the crucified and risen humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints be everlasting praise and honor and glory from every creature and to us remission of our sins and life eternal. Amen.

Blessed be God+, Father, Son and Holy Ghost and Blessed be His Kingdom now and forever. Amen.

Pre and post Daily Office Devotionals handed down by The Rev. Canon Lawrence D. Bausch, Holy Trinity, Ocean Beach

The Rosary

To learn how to pray the  rosary, please go here.